ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2019 Match 17 Australia Vs Pakistan

Australia beat Pakistan by 8 wickets | Pakistan vs Australia 1st match of the ODI
It's all about this game. Sharjah will also host the second ODI. The match will take place on March 24 at 3:00 am local time (11:00 GMT). Join us for all the action. Cheers!

The Australian skipper and man of the match, Aaron Finch, said it was a discouraging total, but he believes the field was pretty well played in the second run. Congratulate Shaun Marsh for associating her and relieving her. Want his side to do the process properly and feel there is still room for improvement. Mention also that they have taken all the criticism positively and that they have worked their game.

Pakistan skipper Shoaib Malik said the first shot was missing. He thinks 280 is a good score, but he thinks that in the same way as Finch and Marsh, they controlled the innings well and took advantage of the depth for the other drummers to take over. He adds that he is disappointed but thinks he can improve. On Haris Sohail, Malik says that after an injury and so well played, it shows that he has the right temperament and that it is a good sign for Pakistan.

The bowling of Pakistan was pretty ordinary. From the beginning, they did not create any pressure. Their spinners were supposed to pose a great threat to Australian drummers on this surface, but this never happened. Imad Wasim and Yasir Shah did not show up for the ball because they were superbly opposed by Finch and Marsh. Nothing to write about their pacers. Mohammad Abbas played well in his first match, but never seemed threatening. To add to that, their development was also sloppy. Earlier in their batting heats, they performed well, but they did not have the desired thrust in the end. The type of power strikes needed in today's cricket was certainly lacking and they also needed to work on this aspect.

Hunt a 281 target on this challenging surface has never been easy. But the way their openers beat, then the experienced heads of Aaron Finch and Shaun Marsh, they never watched under any pressure whatsoever. The Australian skipper seems to be recovering at the right moment as he caresses a beautiful century. Shaun was also very impressive with his invincible shot of 91 and stayed there until the end to see the Australians at home with Peter Handscomb. CHECKOUT ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2019 Match 17 Australia Vs Pakistan
Match 17 Australia Vs Pakistan

Pakistan is completely beaten. Australia fired the second lawsuit in Sharjah. The twin series won in India gave a big boost to the defending champion. Their staff has improved by leaps and bounds. Engaging in a beautiful hunt is becoming a good habit for them. With four wins in a row, they reach their peak at the right time before the mega event.
48.6Mohammad Amir at Shaun Marsh. 2 races, AUSTRALIA WINS 8 GOODS! Amir the complete book, in the middle and in the leg, Marsh passes it in the middle of the wicket and rushes for the second run. The pitch of the deep reaches the melon, but misses the stubs of accuracy. That will be it, a very convincing victory for Australia to take a lead in the series.

48.5Mohammad Amir at Shaun Marsh. FOUR, EDGY FOUR! Slower winner at Amir, in the middle, Marsh opens his posture to shoot him on the side of the legs, but he takes the top edge and flies over the goalkeeper to stand out. Two others needed.


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