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ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2019 Match 17 Australia Vs Pakistan

Australia beat Pakistan by 8 wickets | Pakistan vs Australia 1st match of the ODI
It's all about this game. Sharjah will also host the second ODI. The match will take place on March 24 at 3:00 am local time (11:00 GMT). Join us for all the action. Cheers!

The Australian skipper and man of the match, Aaron Finch, said it was a discouraging total, but he believes the field was pretty well played in the second run. Congratulate Shaun Marsh for associating her and relieving her. Want his side to do the process properly and feel there is still room for improvement. Mention also that they have taken all the criticism positively and that they have worked their game.

Pakistan skipper Shoaib Malik said the first shot was missing. He thinks 280 is a good score, but he thinks that in the same way as Finch and Marsh, they controlled the innings well and took advantage of the depth for the other drummers to take over. He adds that he is disappointed but thinks he can improve. On Haris Sohail, …